roco’s Top Five: The Neptunes

October 18, 2009

Probably two of the greatest record producers (Chad Hugo and Pharrell Williams) of all time; come with me as i go back through time and pick my top five Neptune collaborations.Chad and Pharrell

NUMBER ONE: My first Collaboration has to go to Clipse, im almost certain everyone remembers the 2002 hit Grindin from thier album “Lord willin'” produced by the Neptunes.

NUMBER TWO: Without a doubt number two would have to go to Jay-Z, Exuse Me Miss. A true classic that i am proud to present to you, enjoy.

NUMBER THREE: Yes Number Three has to go to Justin Timberlake and his 2002 hit single Senorita from the album “Justified.”

NUMBER FOUR: This goes to the beautiful Mariah Carey and her single Say Somethin’ feat. Snoop Dogg from her album The Emancipation of Mimi. Really good video check it out.

NUMBER FIVE: Omarion makes the list at number five with his lost hit Touch. A nice beat and nice video, honestly i forgot about this song but recently heard it again and im glad that i did.

Well thats all for now! Hit me up with some other Neptune hits that i didnt list.  P3ACE


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